Manage your Restaurant with HIOPOS solutions, scalable and adaptable for each type and size of business. The different HIOPOS products and devices, cover all the needs of your restaurants. They offer an integral solution to improve the efficiency, optimize the resources and increase the profits of your outlets.

Create tailored-food combination

You can create a tailored menu that engages your customers. Our creative and personalized menu will reduce your effort in changing the menu or dishes periodically. With our menu system, you can choose the article you like and know about which days they will be available. HIOPOS also allows you to increase or modify the prices of items.

Improve your productivity with unattended POS

Whether you’re looking for a self-service system or want to combine customer-operated terminals with traditional points of sales, our system is highly effective to ensure fast food business integration.

Maximize Your Fast-Food Sales & Revenue

Make and personalize different dishes under your daily menu to capture the attention of targeted customers. With our system, you can easily add supplements, special products, and modify the products. Rapid changes and system responsiveness can help you to influence the customer’s decision to increase sales and revenue.

Avoid Wait Time & Cues

HIOPOS enables you to configure and send a notification to your guest by allowing them to scan a QR code for their deals and booking.

Connect Your customers

We enable you to keep connected with your customer after the post-sales with an automatic email. Our system will send an auto-generated receipt and email to your customer where they can review and leave the overall experience in your fast-food business.

Our automatic receipt includes all the restaurant’s information to enable your customers to find the location or social media page without any hassle.

Kitchen Order with HIOSCREEN

HIOSCREEN optimizes your restaurant operations and assists you to manage your kitchen order with peace of mind. The kitchen ordering system allows you to receive an order from tables or bars and give you a full report of everything. With HIOSCREEN, you can avoid waiting for time, unnecessary order trips, manufacturer errors, and improve the overall customer experience.

Delivery Take/Away

Online Orders

You can receive orders from targeted customers online. Our order module enables your customers to access the restaurant’s menu and check the range of available products with one click. They can also find detailed information on where they can pick or pay for the order online.

Delivery Service & Order Management

Order management and delivery services help you to increase the number of customers and provide them a value-added service reducing overall wait time and assigning orders based on location and area.

01 Your customers can place an order online with one tap
02 The order is directly sent to the kitchen for preparation
03 Assign delivery to specific deliverer according to location, area, and routes

Customer Delivery

Your customer can track the delivery status from their smartphone. Moreover, customer can also share their feedback and review the service of each product.

Deliverer Application

We make your delivery easier with high-quality deliverer applications. The deliverer application can allow your deliverer to check the order status who has assigned the order and where to deliver. The application will also help the deliverer to know about the fastest routes for the delivery. The deliverer can also register payment with one click.

Integration with external delivery platforms

HIOPOS now connects with Deliverect a popular software platform that connects all the food delivery channels such as Deliveroo, Talabat, Zomato, etc to receive orders directly to the POS and automatically send them to the kitchen. Increase efficiency as your deliveries will be faster and your management easier. It also analyzes all the information with the reports that are offered or creates personalized ones with the information you want to know.

Order from the table: S-QUIOSK

HIOPOS offers a flexible and interactive table order solution through S-QUIOSK . With us, you can give your guest an uninterrupted, fast, and seamless dining experience.

Choose our predefined images

Reduce spending cost of Fast-Food business on creating images using tools. You can find the score of vivid images and select an image from our gallery to create awesome images.

Client Screen

Our point of sales terminal uses a second client screen for the advertisement, promotion, offers, and discounts.

Inventory Management

Our integrated system enables you to count and manage the physical inventory of your restaurant. Our stock is the secure source of discrepancy information. Internal insights can provide you and real-time inventory status as well as good condition of goods. With our system, you can control inventory consumption and manage the entire warehouse with peace of mind.

Real-Time Data Analysis: HIOPOS Analytics

Our system is built to deliver real-time information from your restaurant. HIOPOS Analytics enables you to increase customer satisfaction and build a long last relationship with the real-time data of your customers.

Through key performance indicators, graphs, and tables you can easily compile real-time information of your customer. This can allow you to create difference and make business decisions effectively.

T Menu: Electronic Menu

Create a T-Menu with a large vibrant picture and engaging description and capture the mind of targeted customers without promotion or advertisement cost. With our T-menu you can easily create a top-notch menu, edit your prices, scroll text, slideshows, videos, and add images.

Centralized back-office: HIOFFICE

HIOFFICE - the central back-office component enables you to centrally control your outlets, so that you can update items, sizes, evaluate costs, change pricing, introduce offers simultaneously and control your inventory centrally.

Main functionalities

Assigning rates depending on schedules and shifts

Kitchen management regarding printing receipts

Track promotion periods

Different taxes according to the type of service

Families and personalised items with pictures

Combos management

Allergens attribution to your items

Unattended terminal T-QUIOSK

Modifiers management

Advanced statistics

Centralized Management of several Points of Sales

Cash Controls

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