HIOPOS enables a comprehensive range of RETAIL businesses to maximize revenue with an extremely easy to use and intuitive POS system.. The integration of a diversified range of products and devices allow you to cover all the needs of your business including optimizing resources, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Automate product creation using barcodes

HIOPOS barcode readier allows you to create and sell products from the store quickly and efficiently. You can create products automatically by reading the barcode..

Stock Management

Detailed stock management functionality is available with HIOPOS, you can plan ahead, be in control of your stocks and efficiently organize your stocks. HIOPOS provides detailed statistics of purchases, a stock audit report with the initial stock, purchases, sales, waste and closing stock for each item.

Sell Items by Size

Our system allows you to manage a range of retail items and assign different prices to each product. You can find reports of each category or item which allow you to manage your items with different sizes as well.

Import your Items

Minimize start-up and product creation costs by importing the CSV files from your product database in a few seconds.

Grow your business with offers and discounts

Maximize your sales by offering flat and up to discounts on a range of RETAIL items with no hassle. You can create special rates and set the price according to customers’ demand and preference easily. This can help you to stand out your business and build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Capture the attention of your customer with discounts or gifts

HIOPOS provide you a helping hand to capture target customer’s intention by offering discounts and gifts. You can transform sales tickets into a gift voucher from the sales screen.

Create a customized bar-code label

With HIOPOS bar-code functionality you can easily create, read, and print labels of your items. HIOPOS enables you to create bar codes with self-generating functionality.

HIOPOS Analytics

We provide a real time dashboard system called HIOPOS ANALYTICS, that enables one click business report viewing functionality, from any device at any time and from anywhere. KPI's tables, graphs, cubes, all available to help you stay on top of your most important numbers. information to help you on your business decisions. Also, it has web format and its own App for Android and iOS.

Centralized Back-office: HIOFFICE

HIOFFICE - the central back-office component enables you to centrally control your outlets, so that you can update items, sizes, evaluate costs, change pricing, introduce offers simultaneously and control your inventory centrally.

Main functionalities

Client, supplier and employee management

Receipt design

Management of pending sales assigned to customers

Item dimensions (sizes and formats)

Price and discounts management

Barcodes and references assignment

Promotions periods control

Centralized management of several points of sale

Cost and profit record by item

item price creation and modification from files

Advanced Statistics

Cash control

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