Manage your Restaurant with HIOPOS solutions, scalable and adaptable for each type and size of business. The different HIOPOS products and devices, cover all the needs of your restaurants. They offer an integral solution to improve the efficiency, optimize the resources and increase the profits of your establishments.

Table Management

HIOPOS table management system enables you to turn more tables, manage shifts, and optimize operation in every situation to make happy your customers. Our table management integration enables you to reduce wait time, fill more seats, and keep service flowing with peace of mind

Adding Modifiers

Adding modifiers can be a group of items that are assigned to the category or products to add more details including preferred cooking temperature, extra cheese, sauce, dishes sides, etc. It will also allow you to modify the price of the bill according to the final changes.

Sale by Multiple Sizes

Get the next generation of versatile, secure, and effective multiple sales size opportunities. Our system can help you to capture the attention of targeted customers by offering high-quality range of products or items in multiple sizes and colors.

Recipe Management

Our recipe management system is effective to determine the correct recipe process based on the equipment type, content, and process. Our system can leverage you to increase quality through the real-time and automated process. The functions of recipe management range from basic to highly sophisticated and are customizable based on the restaurant’s requirements. Moreover, it can allow you to control the recipe modification, maintain existing recipes, and manage user permission.

Custom Menu Creation

Custom menu creation becomes easy with us. Our system can allow you to create a tailored menu to avoid periodic reviews and changes. It can allow you to choose the product and the days of its availability. Our menu creation process starts with adding products from the data base which gives you a helping hand to manage product price automatically.

Customer Engagement

HIOPOS empowers you with tools and insights to deliver an amazing experience by engaging customers with empathy. With HIOPOS customer insights, integration, and responses, you can proactively build long-lasting relationships with existing and potential customers. In addition, they will be able to check the restaurant information, such as the location in Google Maps and the restaurant social media. Furthermore, they will have the option to connect directly to PortalRest to make reservations or order food online.

Kitchen Order with HIOSCREEN

HIOSCREEN optimizes your restaurant operations and assists you to manage your kitchen order with peace of mind. The kitchen ordering system allows you to receive an order from tables or bars and give you a full report of everything. With HIOSCREEN, you can avoid waiting for time, unnecessary order trips, manufacturer errors, and improve the overall customer experience.

Online Reservations 24/7

Let your customer book a table and find great deals or offers from your restaurants. Our 24/7 online reservation system is highly effective to optimize restaurant operations and easy to the checkout process of confirming bookings in a few minutes.

Take orders at the tables with HIORDER

Optimize the terrace, tables and rooms service, to improve your customer service. Also, increase the table turnover rate and reduce the time of the service, with HIORDER. Send automatically the orders to the screens and/or to the kitchen printers which are installed in the different parts of the process. Collect directly from the tables, even allow to make the payment by credit card with a wireless PINpad.

HIOSTOCK - Stock Take

Our integrated system enables you to count and manage the physical inventory of your restaurant. With our system, you can control inventory consumption and manage the entire warehouse with peace of mind. You will have access to statistics from all your purchases, classified by families, items and much more. View an audit report about your opening stock, purchases, sales, wastage, and closing stock.


Create a e-menu with a large vibrant picture and engaging description. With our software you can easily create a top-notch e-Menu, in different languages, attractive food pictures, show ingredients, calories, allergy information..

Delivery / Take Away

Online Orders

Reactivate your business and receive online orders from your customers to deliver to their home or to collect at your establishment.

With the order module, the customer can access the restaurant’s menu, check the available products, obtain detailed information, place the order, choose where they want to pick it up or to be sent and pay with their phone.

Delivery: Order Management

Increase the number of customers by providing a home delivery service and optimize delivery drivers' trips by assigning orders according to their location and waiting times. It's as easy as:

01   Customers place their order by phone or online with PortalRest
02   The order is sent directly to the kitchen for preparation
03   Assign your delivery people the orders to be delivered according to their location, in a simple way, with your finger and optimizing the routes

Delivery: Customer

Inform customers at all times of the status of their order so that they can track the order from their own smartphone. In addition, customers will have the possibility of transmitting their opinion of the service and of each of product.

Delivery: Application for the deliverer

Make your deliverers work easier. The deliverer can see the orders assigned to him/her and those he/she decides to take when reading the QR code that appears on the order ticket with his/her smartphone. The application will indicate the most optimal route for the deliverer them to report incidents in case there are any. The deliverer can also register the delivery to the customer and the payment with a single click and in real time.

External Delivery Platform integration

HIOPOS now connects with Deliverect a popular software platform that connects all the food delivery channels such as Deliveroo, Talabat, Zomato, etc to receive orders directly to the POS and automatically send them to the kitchen. Increase efficiency as your deliveries will be faster and your management easier. It also analyzes all the information with the reports that are offered or creates personalized ones with the information you want to know.


Don’t lose clients If your restaurant is full, create waiting lists through the Sitting application, recording the data of final customers on a tablet in order to be able to notify them via SMS when the table is free in your restaurant. No expensive additional items to break or lose.

Order from the table

Give a technological air to your restaurant with S-QUIOSK. Place a tablet on each table and make your customers order from the table! And in your own language.

HIOPOS Analytics

We provide a real time dashboard system called HIOPOS ANALYTICS, that enables one click business report viewing functionality, from any device at any time and from anywhere. KPI's tables, graphs, cubes, all available to help you stay on top of your most important numbers. information to help you on your business decisions. Also, it has web format and its own App for Android and iOS.

Centralized back-office: HIOFFICE

HIOFFICE - the central back-office component enables you to centrally control your outlets, so that you can update items, sizes, evaluate costs, change pricing, introduce offers simultaneously and control your inventory centrally.

Main functionalities

Work even during Internet disconnections

Receipt splitting

Menu management

Modifiers, sizes and recipes management

Assigning rates according to rooms

Table management with Hiorder

Connection between printers and kitchen screens

Assign allergens to items

Assign allergens to items

Centralized Management of several Points of Sales

Secure storage always available in the cloud

Secure storage always available in the cloud

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